Human Resource Management Question Paper 2020 (Held in 2021), Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper

 Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper CBCS Pattern
2020/TDC (CBCS)/ODD/SEM/COMDSE-501 (A/B/C)/355
TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam., 2020 held in March, 2021
COMMERCE (5th Semester)
Course No.: COMDSE – 501T
Full Marks: 70
Pass Marks: 28
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Course No.: COMDSE-501T (A)
(Human Resource Management)


Answer any twenty from the following questions:       1x20=20

1.          What is Human Resource Management?

2.          Write the definition of Human Resource Management given by Edwin B. Flippo.

3.          Give the meaning of Human Resource Policy.

4.          Write one principle of Human Resource Policy.

5.          Mention one qualification of Human Resource Manager.

6.          What is the meaning of downsizing plan in HRM?

7.          What is employee exist policy?

8.          Write one objective of employee exist policy.

9.          Define Human Resource Planning.

10.      Write one objective of Human Resource Planning.

11.      What is absenteeism?

12.      Write one quantitative technique for forecasting HR demand.

13.      What are the three levels of HR Planning?

14.      Define job analysis.

15.      What is job specification?

16.      Mention one objective of interview.

17.      Define training.

18.      Write one objective of training.

19.      Mention three techniques of training.

20.      What is executive development?

21.      Write one objective of executive development.

22.      What are management games?

23.      Define the term ‘career’.

24.      Write one objective of career planning.

25.      Give the meaning of performance appraisal.

26.      Write one objective of performance appraisal.

27.      Mention two main methods of performance appraisal.

28.      What is the full form of BARS?

29.      Define promotion.

30.      Write one objective of promotion.

31.      What is Halsey plan?

32.      Write one objective of employee counseling.

33.      What is health?

34.      Which Act deals with the state of Employees’ Health in India?

35.      What is the meaning of accident?

36.      In which year was the Workmen’s Compensation Act passed in India?

37.      In which year was the Employees’ State Insurance Act passed?

38.      How many parties are associated with Industrial Relations?

39.      In which year was the Industrial Disputes Act passed?

40.      What is grievance?

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Answer any five from the following questions:       2x5=10

41.      Write two objectives of Human Resource Management.

42.      Write two merits of Human Resource Information System.

43.      Name two types of HR policy.

44.      Write two sources of internal recruitment.

45.      What is selection process?

46.      Write two objectives of induction.

47.      Why are employees transferred?

48.      Write two aims of job evaluation.

49.      Mention two important Social Security Laws prevalent in India.

50.      Write two measures for prevention of Industrial Disputes.


Answer any five from the following questions:            8x5=40

51.      Explain the functions of Human Resource Management.

52.      Discuss the emerging challenges of Human Resource Management.

53.      Explain various quantitative and qualitative techniques of manpower forecasting.

54.      Discuss various steps involved in selection process.

55.      Explain the off-the-job methods of training.

56.      Briefly discuss the methods of executive development.

57.      Explain four traditional and four modern methods of performance appraisal.

58.      Discuss the process of job evaluation.

59.      Examine various legal provisions regarding safety of workers.

60.      Discuss existing machinery for the settlement of industrial disputes in India.

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