Principles of Marketing Question Paper 2020 (Held in 2021) [Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper]

 Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper CBCS Pattern
TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam, 2020
Held in March, 2021
COMMERCE (5th Semester)
Course No.: COMHCC-501T
(Principles of Marketing)
Full Marks: 70
Pass Marks: 28
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.


1. Answer any ten of the following questions:                      2x10=20

(a)       Define marketing management.

(b)       What is marketing environment?

(c)        Mention two basic distinctions between selling and marketing.

(d)       Mention two objectives of marketing.

(e)       What is market segmentation?

(f)         Mention two benefits of market segmentation.

(g)       Mention two features of target market.

(h)       What is product differentiation?

(i)         Define branding.

(j)         What is packaging?

(k)       What is meant by labelling?

(l)         What is a new product?

(m)     What is price?

(n)       What is retailing?

(o)       Define physical distribution.

(p)       Mention two functions of middleman.

(q)       What is social marketing?

(r)        Define online marketing.

(s)        What is meant by green marketing?

(t)        Define rural marketing.

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Answer any five questions

2. Define marketing. Discuss the nature and importance of marketing.                   2+4+4=10

3. What is marketing mix? Discuss the various elements of marketing mix.             2+8=10

4. Explain the concept of consumer behaviour. Discuss the different steps in consumer buying process.    4+6=10

5. Define buying decision. Explain the various factors influencing consumer buying behaviour.          2+8=10

6. Explain the concept of product. Discuss both traditional and modern approach to product classification.                 3+7=10

7. What is product life cycle? Discuss the different stages of product life cycle.     2+8=10

8. Define wholesalers. Discuss the fundamental functions of a wholesaler in a modern market.                     2+8=10

9. Define channels of distribution. Explain the factors that govern the choice of a channel of distribution. 2+8=10

10. Define promotion. Discuss the nature and importance of promotion.                2+8=10

11. What is personal selling? Explain the features of personal selling. What are the basic distinctions between personal selling and advertising?                 2+4+4=10


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