Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial Services Question Paper 2021 (Held in 2022) [Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper]

Assam University B.Com 5th Sem Question Paper CBCS Pattern
2021/TDC (CBCS)/ODD/SEM/COMDSE-501T (E) /353
TDC (CBCS) Odd Semester Exam, 2021
Held in March, 2022
COMMERCE (5th Semester)
Course No.: COMDSE-501T (E)
(Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial Services)
Full Marks: 70
Pass Marks: 28
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

Financial Markets, Institutions and Financial Services Question Paper 2021


Answer any twenty questions of the following:                                   1x20=20

1. What is a financial system?

2. Name the constituents of a financial system.

3. What do you understand by financial intermediaries?

4. Write one function of a financial market.

5. Write one difference between primary market and secondary market.

6. Define money market.

7. What is capital market?

8. What do you mean by acceptance market?

9. What are the main components of capital market?

10. Write one function of money market.

11. Define commercial bank.

12. What do you mean by development bank?

13. Point out one difference between NBFCs and banks.

14. What is open-ended fund?

15. Write one feature of a commercial bank.

16. What is merchant banking?

17. What do you mean by underwriting?

18. Write one feature of merchant banking.

19. Mention two forms of underwriting.

20. State one advantage of merchant banking.

21. Define leasing.

22. What is credit rating?

23. Give one advantage of leasing.

24. Name two credit rating agencies in India.

25. What do you mean by hire purchases?


Answer any five questions of the following:                          2x5=10

26. What is flow of funds matrix?

27. Write two differences between money market and capital market.

28. State two defects of the Indian money market.

29. Give two features of call money market.

30. What is mutual fund?

31. What are non-banking financial companies?

32. Distinguish between commercial banking and merchant banking.

33. Write two functions of merchant banks.

34. Distinguish between leasing and hire purchase.

35. What is letter of credit?


Answer any five questions of the following:                          8x5=40

36. Describe the overview of Indian financial system.

37. Describe the role and functions of financial markets.

38. Explain the role of central bank in money market.

39. Discuss the various capital market instruments.

40. Discuss the role of mutual funds in capital market development.

41. Discuss the role and functions of commercial banks in project finance and working capital finance.

42. Examine the role of a merchant banker in the corporate enterprises.

43. Write in brief some of the important pre-issue and post-issue obligations of merchant bankers.

44. Discuss the advantages and limitations of leasing.

45. Analyse the factors which the entrepreneur should take into account while selecting the venture capitalists.

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