AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Business Studies' 2014 | Class 12 Business Studies Question Papers

[Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper, AHSEC, 2014, Assam Board]

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions: 1*10=10

a)      What do you mean by management?                                             1
b)      Write one important objective of Management.                       1
c)       Who introduced the concept of ‘differential-piece-rate-wage’ system?      1
d)      What is a trademark?
e)      Give an example of legal environment.                                         1
f)       What do you mean by disinvestment?                                           1
g)      Who evolved the Need Hierarchy theory of motivation?       1
h)      Grapevine is associated with which form of communication?      1
i)        Name one feature of a good control system.                              1
j)        Give one reason why Working Capital is needed?                     1

2. Explain three major components of economic environment. 3

3. “Planning is the basic function of Management”. Explain.                         3

4. Write any three merits of internal recruitment.                                             3

5.  What is informal communication?             3

6. Explain any three factors affecting pricing of a product.       3

7. What is procedure in Planning?               4

8. Write four differences between formal and informal organisation.    4

9. State four requisites of good control system.        4

10. Give four distinctions between money market and capital market.      4

11. “SEBI” is the regulator of the Indian Capital Market”. Explain.        4

12. ‘Management is considered an Art or Science or both’- Explain.          5

13. Explain five principles of Management development by Henry Fayol.               5

14. Explain five external sources of recruitment.               5

15. “Determination of Capital Structure of a Company is influenced by a number of factors”. Explain at least five such factors.                 5
Explain five factors affecting requirement of Working Capital.

16. Write any five functions of Marketing.                            5
Distinguish between Selling and Marketing.

17. “Delegation of authority is necessary in all types of organisation” Explain the statement.            6
Discuss the importance of organisation.

18. What is meant by motivation? Explain its importance in a modern enterprise.                              6

19. Explain the meaning and objective of Financial Management.                              6
Explain the functions of finance manager of a company.                6

20. Explain different elements of marketing mix.                              6
“Money spent in advertisement is a waste”. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer any one from the following Units.
Unit XII (consumer Protection): Question No. 21
Unit XIII (Entrepreneurship Development) Elective: question No. 22.

21. Explain the importance of consumer’s protection from the point of view of consumer.           6
22. What are the functions of entrepreneurs in relation to economic development?                        6
Write the characteristics of Entrepreneurship.