AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Business Studies' 2013 | Class 12 Business Studies Question Papers

[Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper, AHSEC, 2013, Assam Board]

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions: 1*10=10

a)      Which plan states ‘one plan, one boss’ and ‘one head one plan’?

b)      What do you mean by disinvestment?

c)       A company is manufacturing cosmetics, readymade garments, toilet items and biscuits. What kind of organization structure is suitable for this company?

d)      Give two example of non-financial incentives.

e)      What types of instruments are traded in the money market?

f)       Name the four p’s of marketing mix.

g)      Which function of management ensures that actual activities conform to planned activities?
h)      Under which environmental factor does fiscal policy fall?

i)        Give one difference between policy and procedure.

j)        Ankit failed a case against Mahindra ltd. In the National commission. But he was not satisfied with the order of the national commission. Name the authority where he can appeal against the decision of the National commission.

2.Discuss three fundamental features of management.      3

3..Write three qualities of a leader.      3

4. Distinguish between primary market and secondary market.      3

5.Explain any three major factor affecting pricing of a product.     3

6.’’ Authority can be delegated but responsibility cannot be delegated’’ comment.

7.Explain ‘’Method study’’ and ‘’motion study’’as technique of scientific management.    3

8. what is planning premises?

9.What is meant by internal source recruitment? Why do organizations prefer recruitment through internal source? 1+5=6
Discuss various steps involve in the process of control.

10. Distinguish between delegation and decentralization of authority on the following basis :
(a) Nature
(b) Purpose
(c) Freedom of action
(d) Level of authority

11.Explain various types of channels of distribution.          4

12. State any four services of advertising to consumers.   4

13.Explain, in brief any five economic changes that have been initiated by the Government of India since 1991.  5

14. Briefly describe the levels of management found in modern business enterprises.  5

15. Explain the following principles of Management :  5
(a)Stability in tenure
(b)unity of command

16. Explain in brief any five function of consumer organization. 5
Mention the importance of consumer protection from the point of view of business.

17. State any five main function of SEBI.   5
Explain the meaning and objective of financial management.

18. What is meant by informal organization? Write any five features of informal organization.

19. what is motivation? Explain Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation.   1+5=6
Discuss the barriers to effective communication.

20.” Money spent in advertisement is a waste.” Do you agree with this statement? Give reason for your answer.    6
What is packaging? State any five function of packaging.

Answer any one from the following Units.
Unit XII (consumer Protection) : Question No. 21
Unit XIII ( Entrepreneurship Development) Elective : question No. 22.

21.Explain the meaning of working capital. Briefly explain any four factors that determine the working capital of the company.  6
22. What are the characteristics of Entrepreneurship ?    6
Explain the role of entrepreneur in relation to enterprise.