AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Business Studies ' 2017 | Class 12 Business Studies Question Papers

[Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper, AHSEC, 2017, Assam Board]

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions: 1*10=10

  1. Why is it said management principles are universal? 1
  2. How management is an intangible force? 1
  3. Name the concept which permits direct communication between two employees working at the same level.1
  4. Who wrote the book titled General and Industrial Management published in the year 1949?
  5. What is the other name of long term investment decision? 1
  6. In which year SEBI came into being? 1
  7. Give an example of speciality products. 1
  8. Under what source of recruitment employees get motivated? 1
2. How is planning a pervasive function? 2
3. State the authority of top management and freedom of action under centralization. 2
4. Explain job-rotation as a method of training. 2
5. Mention two non-financial incentives to promote motivation. 2
6. State any one instrument of money market. 2
7. What do you mean by management by exception? 3
8. Outline three leading features of a good control system. 3
9. Discuss three objectives of financial planning. 3
State the three decisions involved in financial management. 3
10. What are the legal protections offered to consumers under ‘The Consumers Protection Act’ 1986? 3
Who is an entrepreneur? Mention the functions of an entrepreneur. 3
11. Explain any three rights ensured to consumers in India. 3
State the three basic needs for entrepreneurship in India today. 3
12. Why Co-ordination is considered as the essence of management? 5
13. Explain the principle of Unity of Command and the principle of Unity of Direction. 5
14. State the five key components of economic environment in India. 5
15. Discuss five features of planning. 5
Mention five advantages of laying down procedure. 5
16. State five disadvantages of internal sources of recruitment. 5
17. Outline five points of distinction between primary and secondary capital market in India. 5
18. How can marketing be distinguished from selling? 5
19. What is functional organisation structure? State three merits and demerits of such a structure. 2+3+3=8
State four features of informal organization and mention two advantages and two disadvantages of such organization. 4+2+2=8
20. Discuss four barriers to communication and suggest four measures to make communication effective. 4+4
In between verbal and written communication which one would you prefer and why? 4+4=8
21. Elaborate the concept of working capital. Explain five factors affecting the working capital requirement of a firm. 3+5=8
State the objectives of financial management and discuss the role of finance manager in a corporate organization. 4+4=8
22. What is marketing mix? Explain four leading elements of marketing mix. 2+6=8
What are industrial products? Explain its six distinctive features. 2+6=8