AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Business Studies' 2012 | Class 12 Business Studies Question Papers

[Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper, AHSEC, 2012, Assam Board]

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions: 1*10=10
(a) Name the book authored by Henry Fayol on Management.

(b) Which principle of management promotes team sprite.

(c) Which policy of govt. has moved India towards globalization?

(d) Mention one responsibility on consumer under consumer Protection Act.

(e) Which function of management is considered as the base of all other function?

(f) Name the process concerned with searching for prospective candidates for various jobs in an organization.

(g) Give any two benefit of training to the organization.

(h) Name the techniques of control by which all operations are planned in advance in the form of budget.

(i)Ahmed wants to buy iron. As an aware customer, how can he be sure about the quality of iron?
(j) Which act aims at controlling production, supply and distribution of essential commodities? 

2. Mr. Hazarika has retired as managing Director of a manufacturing company. At what level of management was he working? Write two functions at that level.      1+2=3

3. Explain three importance of financial planning.   3

4. Explain three factors affecting the requirement of working capital.    3

5. Give three distinctions between money market and capital market.     3

6. Explain three models of sales promotion.     3

7.  “Management is considered as an art or a science or both.” Elucidate the statement.    4

8. How does social and technological influence the working of a business?    4

9. Distinguish between functional structure and divisional structure on the basis of:  4
(a)  Formation
(b) Management development
(c)  Suitability

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10. Discuss four elements of directing.     4

11.  State any four right of a consumer.      4

12. Discuss the technique of scientific management.   5
Discuss five principle of management evolved by Henry fayol.

13. Explain the steps involved in planning process.    5
Explain any five objectives of SEBI.

14. “Control is considered important for many reasons.” Explain any five such reasons.     5

15. Discuss in brief, any five function of stock exchange.    5  
Explain any five objectives of management.    

16. Explain, in brief, the factors that are taken into consideration while taking decision on pricing the product.      5
What is motivation? Explain its importance in business.

17.  “Delegation of authority is necessary in all types of organization.” Give reasons in support of your answer.     6
Explain the terms “authority” and “responsibility” and “accountability”

18. Explain the various steps involve in staffing process?
What is meant by recruitment? Explain any four source of recruitment.     2+4=6

19. What is meant by capital structure? What are the factors to be kept in mind while determining the capital structure of a company?   2+4=6
“The dividend decision of a company is determined by a number of factors.” Discuss any six such factors.

20. Define leadership and bring out its four importance to an organization. 2+4=6
What is meant by communication? Explain its four importance.

21. Define marketing. Discuss four elements of marketing mix.
Explain any six important functions of marketing.     6
State two features of advertising and mention four services rendered by it to consumers.  2+4=6

22. Clarify the meaning of the terms “entrepreneur”, “entrepreneurship” and “enterprise”.  3

23. Describe three function of an entrepreneur in relation to economic development.     3
Describe the process of entrepreneurship development.