Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2014 | AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers

Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2014
AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:           1x10=10

a)      In which year the Imperial bank was established?
b)      Where is the head office of the Reserve bank of India?
c)       What is primary market?
d)      Write the full form of NABARD.
e)      The board of directors of Reserve Bank of India consists of ______ members. (Fill in the blank)
f)       What is overdraft?
g)      The first development bank established in India was IFCI/IDBI/UTI/NABARD.              (Choose the correct answer)
h)      Give an example of material alteration of cheque.
2. Define a cheque according to Sec. 6 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.               2
3. State the minimum reserve system of note issue.              2
4. Define ‘holder in due course’.               2
5. What do you mean by SLR?           2
6. Who can cross a cheque?             2
7. What are the main sub-markets of financial market?         3
8. State any three differences between bill of exchange and cheque.     3
9. Draw a specimen copy of a cheque.                                    3
10. State the basic features of non-banking financial institutions.                3
11. Write a brief not about capital market.              3
12. Explain briefly the system of issuing currency notes by the Reserve Bank of India.                5
13. Discuss briefly the functions of stock exchange.  5
What are the differences between Money Market and Capital Market?
14. Briefly explain the utility services of commercial bank.            5
Under what conditions banker must pay a cheque?
15. Explain the duties and responsibilities of a collecting banker.          5
16. Differentiate between unit banking and branch banking.                       5
17. What are the objectives of World Bank?              5
18. Discuss the role and functions of non-banking financial institutions.            5
Discuss briefly about the different types of loans and advances granted by a commercial bank.
19. What do you mean by endorsement? Discuss the different forms of endorsement.                 2+6=8
What do you mean by crossing of cheque? Explain briefly about different types of crossing with suitable illustrations.8
20. Discuss how Reserve Bank of India controls money and credit in the economy.            8
21. Explain the term ‘cash reserve’ and ‘cash credit’.       4+4=8
Discuss the principles of sound investments followed by commercial banks.     8
22. Discuss briefly the functions of State Bank of India.                                   8