Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2017 | AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers

Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2017
AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:           1x10=10

  1. In which year Lead Bank Scheme was introduced?
  2. What do you mean by unit banking?
  3. Write the full form of NBFI.
  4. What is Secondary Market?
  5. The word ‘Hundi’ is borrowed from Sanskrit word ____ which means ‘to collect’.
  6. Money Market is the market for short terms fund. (State whether True or False)
  7. Asian Development Bank was established in 1956/1960/1966. (Choose the correct answer)
  8. ____ is the apex monetary institution of India.
2. Name the two non-bank financial institutions of India. 2
3. What is bank rate? 2
4. What is Mutual fund? 2
5. Name two submarkets of Indian money market. 2
6. Who is collecting banker? 2
7. Discuss the various agency services rendered by commercial bank. 3
8. Write a brief note about the money market. 3
9. What are the main objectives of IMF? 3
10. State any three differences between Bill of Exchange and Cheque. 3
11. Draw a specimen copy of Bill of Exchange. 3
Give an account of the Presidency Bank of India.
12. Discuss the evolution and growth of commercial banking in India. 5
Explain briefly the system of issuing currency notes by the Reserve Bank of India.
13. Discuss about the institutions participating in the Indian Money Market. 5
14. What are the main objectives of nationalization of Banks? 5
What are the basic functions of State Bank of India?
15. Explain the circumstances under which a bank can dishonour cheque. 5
16. Discuss the objectives and functions of NABARD. 5
17. Write short note about the social control of commercial bank. 5
Write short note about Lender of Last Resort.
18. Give the meaning of liquidity. State the factors that affect cash reserve of commercial bank. 1+4=5
Mention six functions of the Reserve Bank of India. Explain any two functions of R.B.I.
19. Who is paying banker? Explain the protection available to paying banker. 2+6=8
20. Discuss the principles of sound investment policy of commercial bank. 8
21. Show the differences between overdraft, cash credit and loan of commercial bank. 8
Define Negotiable Instrument. Discuss the characteristics of the Negotiable Instrument.
22. Give the meaning of Development Bank. Explain the characteristics or features of Development Bank. 2+6