Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2019 | AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers

Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2019
AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:           1x10=10

(a) In which year Punjab National Bank was established ?                  1
(b) What do you mean by ‘Group Banking’ ?         1
(c) Write the full form of SIDBI.                 1
(d) Since which year the RBI has been issuing notes based on Minimum Reserve System ?     1
(e) NSE was set up in the year 1992/1993/1994/1995.                  1
(f) Commercial Banks are the main lenders in money market. (State whether True or False)   1
(g) A ‘Not-Negotiable’ crossing cheque can/cannot be transferred.                     1
(h) Give an example of Material Alteration.      1
2. What is Public Sector Bank ?              2
3. Mention two prohibitory functions of RBI.     2
4. State any two functions of Stock Exchange.      2
5. Who can cross a cheque ?            2
6. State the meaning of ‘Bank Draft’.      2
7. What is ‘payment in due course’ ?          3
8. State any three differences between Promissory Note and Cheque.                  3
9. Write a note on ‘Scheduled Bank’.            3
10. What are the various sub-markets of money market ?     3
11. What are the main functions of World Bank ?                   3
Describe briefly about Statutory Liquidity Ratio. 3
12. What are the main achievements of nationalisation of banks in India.              5
Write a brief note on State Bank of India.                                                                     5
13. What are the different functions performed by RBI as a Banker of Government ?      5
14. Show the differences between capital market and money market.                                5
Mention five advantages of Mutual Funds.           5
15. Discuss the advantages of Internet Banking.                5
16. Explain the position of collecting banker as holder for value.         5
17. Distinguish between Endorsement in Blank and Special Endorsement.       5
Write a note on Non-Banking Financial Institutions.           5
18. Discuss the objectives and functions of LICI.          5
Discuss various sources of bank’s own fund.        5
19. Discuss the General utility services rendered by commercial banks.    8
Write the distinction between RBI and Commercial Bank.     8
20. Discuss the circumstances under which the paying banker can refuse payment of customer’s cheque.  8
21. Discuss the principles followed by banks in granting loans and advances.        8
22. What are the different types of Financial market ? Write a brief note on Foreign Exchange Market. 3+5=8
What is Development Bank ? Explain the functions of Development Banks.         2+6=8

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