Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2020 | AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers

Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2020
AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:           1x10=10

(a) Bank of Bombay was established in the year 1809/1843/1840.                         1
(b) How many local boards assist the Central Board of RBI?                      1
(c) Write the full form of IFCI.                     1
(d) What is meant by Non-Banking Financial Institution?                            1
(e) Asian Development Bank gives foreign currency loans. (State True or False)            1
(f) In case of Bill of Exchange, the order must be conditional. (State True or False)           1
(g) What is the main difference between ‘Scheduled Bank & Non-Scheduled’ Bank?        1
(h) What is the meaning of marking of a cheque?                         1
2. How does commercial bank help in execution of Monetary Policy?           2
3. Give the meaning of Endorsement.                    2
4. What is meant by Cash Credit?                              2
5. Write a note on RBI’s role in Bank Inspection.                                2
6. What is meant by SENSEX? How many stocks are included in SENSEX?                                1+1=2
7. Write three objectives of nationalization of banks in India.                      3
8. What are meant by Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio?            3
9. Write about three types of Non-Banking Financial Institutions.                              3
10. What are the rights of a holder in due course?                            3
11. Write the differences between promissory note and cheque.                             3
Write the differences between Private Sector Banks and Public Sector Banks.            3
12. Discuss the features of Money Market.                          5
Discuss the functions of Foreign Exchange Market.                  5
13. Discuss the functions of a Lead Bank.                               5
14. What is Hundi? What are its different types?                               2+3=5
Discuss the duties of a Collecting Banker.                      5
15. Discuss different methods of note issue of Central Bank.                       5
16. What is meant by Letter of Credit? What are its types?                           2+3=5
17. Write a note on recent trends in developments of commercial banks in India.                5
Discuss the functions of NABARD.                    5
18. What is Bill of Exchange? Write its features.                  2+3=5
What is International Development Association (IDA)? What are its procedures of giving loans 2+3=5
19. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of branch banking.                    4+4=8
What are the types of capital market? Discuss the functions of capital market.   4+4=8
20. Define Negotiable Instrument? Discuss its characteristics.                     3+5=8
21. Explain the duties of a Paying Banker.                             8
22. What are the developmental functions of RBI? Discuss.                          8
Discuss the objectives and functions of General Insurance Corporation of India.           8

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