Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2018 | AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers

Finance [Banking] Question Paper 2018
AHSEC Class 12 Finance Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:           1x10=10

a)      In which year fist Presidency Bank was established?
b)      What do you mean by private sector bank?
c)       Give the meaning of bank rate.
d)      Capital market is the market for Long term market. (State whether True or False)
e)      Write the full form of SIDC.
f)       A collecting banker can claim statutory protection only in the case of _____ cheque.
g)      What is primary market?
h)      IFCI was established in the year 1947/1948/1950.

2. Name two subsidiaries of State Bank of India.            2
3. Who is paying banker?                                              2
4. What is postdated cheque?                                    2
5. Write the meaning of hypothecation.                                2
6. State the meaning of liquiding.                             2
7. State any three differences between Bill of Exchange and Promissory Note                    3
8. What are the basic features of Development Bank?      3
9. Mention the different kinds of endorsement.     3
10. Draw a specimen copy of Promissory Note.        3
11. Explain the functions of clearing house.           3
Describe briefly any three kinds of endorsement.
12. Write a brief note about the Imperial Bank of India.       5
13. Explain the functions of Stock Exchange.             5
14. What are the main objectives of World Bank (IBRD)              5
Give the meaning of crossing. Explain briefly about the different types of crossing with example.
15. Discuss with classification of Banks.                                  5
16. Briefly explain the functions of Reserve Bank of India as banker’s bank.     5
17. What are the features of Non-Bank Financial Institution?                5
18. What are the privileges of a bolder in due course?   5
19. Explain briefly about the growth of commercial banks in India during the post-Independence period.   8
Narrate the advantages and disadvantages of branch banking about unit banking.
20. Explain any two credit control techniques adopted by the RBI.      8
21. Discuss the principles of sound lending policy of a bank.                         2+6=8
Who is collecting banker? Explain the duties of collecting banker.
22. What is Capital Market? Explain briefly the features of Capital Market.                            2+6=8


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