Logic and Philosophy Question Paper' 2022 [AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers]

Logic and Philosophy Question Paper 2022

Logic and Philosophy Question Paper' 2022
AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Give very short answers:                          1x12=12

(a) What is the ideal of Logic?

(b) Is the conclusion of Analogy certain?

(c) Give an example of Unscientific Induction.

(d) On which Law is the Quantitative mark of a cause based?

(e) What was the hypothesis with the help of which the ‘Law of Gravitation’ discovered?

(f) What is the meaning of the Green word ‘Ethos’?

(g) What according to Indian Philosophy is the Supreme and Ultimate end of human life?

(h) Write the name of the Inductive Method which enables us to proceed from cause to effect and effect to cause.

(i) Give an example of Secondary Quality.

(j) Is Ethics a positive science?

(k) Who has defined religion in terms of value?

(l) Which theory of Truth does Naïve Realism support?

2. Give an example of Good Analogy.                      2

3. What is ‘Hypothesis concerning Agent’?            2

4. Give an example of ‘Plurality of causes’.            2


What do you mean by ‘Conjunction of causes’? 2

5. Explain the moral condition of observation.                     2


State two advantages of simple observation.                       2

6. Give a concrete example of the Joint Method of Agreement and Difference.    2

7. Mention any two characteristics of Scientific Realism.                                 2

8. What do you mean by ‘moral obligation’?                        2


What is voluntary action?             2

9. Give a concrete example of Inverse variation.                 2

10. Why is the idealism of Leibnitz called ‘Pluralistic Idealism’?                    2


‘Esse Est Percipi’ – What is the meaning of this statement?                           2

11. State two characteristics of Primary Quality.                 2

12. What is ‘Working Hypothesis’?           2


What do you mean by ‘Vera Cause’?                       2

13. Why is habitual action considered as an object of moral judgement?                 2


What is the meaning of ‘intention’ in Ethics?        2

14. What is induction? State two differences between deduction and induction.                  2+2=4


Write any four characteristics of Unscientific Induction.                  4

15. State the advantages of Experiment.                4


What according to Aristotle are the different kinds of cause? – Discuss briefly.     4

16. Write any four characteristics of Naïve Realism.                          4

17. Explain briefly the nature of ‘Monad’ as depicted by Leibnitz.                4


What is the essence of Berkeley’s Subjective Idealism?                   4

18. Write a brief note on non-moral action.          4

19. What is ‘Crucial instance’? Give an example of crucial instance obtained by experiment.          2+2=4

20. Write any four definitions of Religion.              4


Write four characteristics of Religion.                      4

21. What is ‘Practical imperfection’ of the Method of Agreement?             4


Mention two advantages and two disadvantages of the Method of Difference.    2+2=4

22. ‘Idealism is best expressed in Hegel’s Objective Idealism’. – Explain briefly.                     4

23. Distinguish between religion and morality.                    4


‘Morality is the source of religion’. – Discuss the view.     4

24. What is Scientific Induction? Mention the characteristics of Scientific Induction.           2+4=6


Define Analogy with an example. Mention its characteristics.       3+3=6

25. Write a note on ‘Paradox of Induction’.           6


What do you mean by Experiment? Describe its characteristics. 1+5=6

26. What are the stages of Hypothesis? – Explain with examples.               6


What are the conditions of a legitimate or valid hypothesis? Explain any two of them.      2+4=6

27. Define the Method of Agreement with concrete examples. State two advantages of this method.        2+2+2=6


Define the Method of Residues with examples. State two disadvantages of this method. 2+2+2=6

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