Logic and Philosophy Question Paper' 2020 [AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers]

Logic and Philosophy Question Paper 2020

Logic and Philosophy Question Papers' 2020

AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers Arts Stream

Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Give very short answers:     1x12=12

(a) What is the essence of Induction?

(b) Does Analogy depend on Law of Causation?

(c) What kind of proposition does Scientific Induction establish?

(d) ‘The ground of the Induction is the result of Induction’ – Who made this statement?

(e) Name the hypothesis with the help of which the planet Neptune was discovered.

(f) How many instances are required for the Method of Agreement?

(g) Who is the Propounder of Scientific Realism?

(h) Give an example of Primary Quality.

(i) Give an example of Non-Moral action.

(j) What is the ideal of Ethics?

(k) “Religion is morality touched with emotion” – Who said this?

(l) What is meaning of the Latin word ‘Religare’?

2. Give the definition of Unscientific Induction.                   2

3. What is ‘material cause’? Give an example.        1+1=2

4. Define ‘Plurality of Causes’ with a suitable example.     1+1=2


Mention two points of difference between Observation and Experiment.

5. Why is Ethics called Normative Science?       2

6. Give Mill’s definition of Method of Residue.                 2


Give a concreate example of the Joint Method of Agreement and Difference.               2

7. Mention any two conditions of a valid hypothesis.         2

8. Define voluntary action. How many stages are there in a voluntary action?       1+1=2

9. Give two points of differences between Primary Quality and Secondary Quality.            2

10. Give an example of ‘hypothesis concerning law’.            2


Define ‘working hypotheses.               2

11. Mention the ‘Canon of Elimination’ on which the Method of Difference is established.        2

12. Mention two characteristics of Native Realism.             2


Write two criticisms of Native Realism.

13. What is the theory of ‘pre-established harmony’?                          2

14. Write four characteristics of Scientific Realism.            4

15. What are the four stages of hypothesis? Discuss           4

16. Give four characteristics of Hegel’s Objective Idealism.                 4

17. Mention two advantages and two disadvantages of the Method of Residue.             2+2=4


What is the ‘Characteristic Imperfection’ of Method of Agreement? How can the problem be overcome?             2

18. Write any four characteristics of Analogy.                       4

19. ‘Positive and Negative conditions both taken together produce the effect’. – Explain the statement           4

20. “Esse Est Percipi” – Explain briefly the statement.                        4


Define Berkeley’s Subjective Idealism. Is Berkeley a Solipsist?                2+2=4

21. Is Ethics a practical science? Explain.               4

22. ‘Religion is the source of Morality’. – Explain the statement.               4

23. Write four characteristics of Religion.                 4.

24. What is Scientific Induction? What are the characteristics of Scientific Induction?     2+4=6


State any three similarities and any three dissimilarities between Scientific Induction and Unscientific Induction.        3+3=6

25. What is simple Observation? Describe its characteristics.                        1+5=6


Define ‘Causes’. Write the Qualitative and Quantative marks of ‘Causes’.        1+5=6

26. What is a ‘hypothesis’? Explain the nature of hypothesis.       1+5=6


What are the different kinds of hypothesis according to Stebbing?              6

27. State Mill’s canon of the ‘Method of Concomitant Variation’. Explain the limitations of this Method.         2+4=6


Explain the Method of Difference with examples.         6

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