DODLDU - Business Environment 101 Question Paper 2016

DODLDU - Business Environment 101 Question Paper 2016
2016 (August)
Paper: 101
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Either
a)      Critically evaluate the Indian business environment. Do you think that it is progressing in the right direction? Justify. 10+6=16
b)      Analysis the significance of business environment. Do you think that the study of business environment becomes meaningless because of high volatility? Explain.       9+7=16
2. Either
a)      Discuss the various components of government control in India prior to free economy.      16
b)      Discuss the objectives and scope of MRTP Act. What are the remedies available under the Act?         16
3. Either
a)      Discuss the meaning of monetary policy. Discuss at least two features of Indian Monetary Policy. Write a note on the monetary growth in India.       2+4+10=16
b)      What do you mean by Fiscal Policy? Discuss the different types of fiscal policies. Write a note on the changing structure of private savings in India.                        2+6+8=16
4. Either
a)      Discuss the objectives of Consumer Protection Act of 1986. Define consumer as per the Act. What are the basic rights of consumers as per the Consumer Protection Act?                  4+2+10=16
Or  16
5. Either
a)      Discuss the salient features of Indian foreign policy in terms of globalization and trade promotion.           16
b)      Discuss the advantages of e-commerce and develop a road map to create an effective e-commerce system.    16              


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