Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Business Environment (Aug' 2014)

2014 (August)
Course : 101 ( Business Environment )
Full Marks : 80
Time : 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
1. (a) “Business is the product of environment”. – Explain. How does the internal factors of environment influence the business policies of an organisation?                       8+8=16
(b) Argue the case for and against FDI in Multi-brand Retail in India.                         8+8=16

2. (a) Analyse the changes in the Industrial Policies of India since the adoption of New Economic Policy in 1991.  16
(b) Critically analyse the role of MNC’s in the Indian economy.                                           16
3. (a) Explain the main objective of Monetary Policy. Briefly discuss the Monetary policy of India.       10+6=16
(b) Describe the scenario of resource mobilization through direct and indirect taxes in India.                       8+8=16
4. (a) Describe the redressal machinery under the Consumer Protection Act. What are the consumer’s rights and responsibilities under the Act?                       10+6=16
(b) Explain the trends of exports and imports of India in the post-liberalisation era.          8+8=16
5. (a) Explain the process of structural reforms in the Indian economy. Discuss briefly the impact of structural reforms on income generation and poverty alleviation in India.                 6+10=16
(b) Explain the features of Globalisation. Analyse the impact of globalisation on the business environment in India. 6+10=16

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