DODLDU - Business Environment 101 Question Paper 2019

DODLDU - Business Environment 101 Question Paper 2019
2019 (August)
Paper: 101 (Business Environment)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) What do you mean by Business Environment? Explain with examples the different factors affecting the internal and external environment of the business.                           2+6+8=16


(b) Discuss the present state of Indian economy and explain the development strategies adopted by the Government of India.                                6+10=16

2. (a) Explain the direct and indirect price control measures taken to control the prices in India. State the limitations of these controls.                  10+6=16


(b) Explain the role played by the MRTP Act to minimize the restrictive and unfair trade practices in India. Is there any replacement of this Act? If yes, explain.

3. (a) Define Monetary Policy. Discuss features of the Indian Monetary Policy.      4+12=16


(b) Discuss the role of taxation in the mobilization of resources in India.                              16

4. (a) Define Consumer as per Consumer Protection Act. Discuss the objectives of this Act. Explain the redressal machinery under the Consumer Protection Act.                                                  2+4+10=16


(b) Define Foreign Exchange. Why is it so necessary for a country? Critically evaluate the relevance of FEMA.  2+4+10=16

5. (a) Analyse the structural reforms in the Indian economy and its impact on the business environment of the country. 10+6=16


(b) Discuss the features and problems of globalisation. Analyse the impact of globalisation on the Indian Economy. 5+5+6=16


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