Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Business Environment (Aug' 2017)

Paper: 101
(Business Environment)
Full Marks – 80
Time – Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Explain the micro and macro factors of external environment of business.                 6+10=16
(b) Describe the present state of Indian economy and analyse the business environment in India.        6+10=16
2. (a) Explain the main objectives and features of New Industrial Policy (1991), in India.    4+12=16
(b) Critically evaluate the role of Multinational Corporation in the Indian economy.                      16

3. (a) What is meant by Monetary Policy? Explain the main objectives of Monetary Policy.  4+12=16
(b) Discuss the role of direct and indirect taxes in mobilisation of resources for economic growth in India.         8+8=16
4. (a) Explain the main objectives and important provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.           4+12=16
(b) Describe the trends in composition and direction of India’s foreign trade in recent years.   8+8=16
5. (a) Analyse the structural reforms in Indian economy in recent years and its impact on the business environment of the country.                                               10+6=16
(b) What is Globalisation? Explain the gains derived by India as a member of WTO.                       6+10=16

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