DODLDU - Organisational Behaviour and Theory 102 Question Paper 2015

DODLDU - Organisational Behaviour and Theory 102 Question Paper 2015
2015 (August)
Paper: 102 (Organisational Behaviour and Theory)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Answer all the questions.

1. (a) Discuss the various types of organisation. To what extent sound organisation helps in effective management? 9+7=16
(b) What are the various approaches to organisation analysis? What are the components involved in systems analysis?        8+8=16

2. (a) “Authority is the legitimized power that is linked to each position within the organisation.” Discuss.              16
(b) When does a bureaucratic organisation suffer from serious problems? Suggest whether it is feasible to design an organisation free from bureaucratic elements.        9+7=16

3. (a) Compare and contrast theory “X” and theory “Y”. What are the implications of these theories on managerial practices?                                            9+7=16
(b) Define Perception. Explain the perceptual process. What is the influence of perception on behaviour?     6+10=16

4. (a) Define Motivation. Indicate how management can successfully motivate people taking clues from Vrom’s Valence Expectancy model.          6+10=16
(b) Explain the nature and functions of leadership based on the following formula: L = f (1, f, s). Also suggest measures of effective leadership.       16
5. (a) What criteria are used for judging the effectiveness of an organisation? How does the degree of integration of goals affect organisational accomplishment?                                  8+8=16
(b) “Persistence to change is a normal part of the process of change”. Discuss. What techniques would you use in overcoming such resistance?     9+7=16

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