Business Environment Important Question [Dibrugarh University MCOM 1st Sem DODLDU]

Business Environment Important Questions & Answers

Dibrugarh University M. Com Distance (DODLDU)

Semester – I

Block 1

Unit 1

Q. Define business environment. Discuss the various components of business environment.

Q. Write a brief note on significance of internal and external business environment with examples.

Q. Establish relationship between government and business. Bring out some justification as to why government has to enter into the business arena.

Q. Explain the role of government for the promotion of business environment in India

Unit 2

Q. What do you mean by economic indicators? List some of the economic indicators affecting India.

Q. Discuss the role of MNC’s in India with examples.

Q. Critically evaluate the progressive features of Indian Economy. Do you think that the progress is adequate?

Q. Describe the role of Indian financial system and foreign investment for the growth of Indian economy.

Block 2

Unit 1

Q. What is price control? What are its various types? Mention its advantages and limitations.

Q. Explain the main objectives of price control and its effect an Indian economy.

Q. Explain various components of price control.

Q. Explain different measures taken by the government to control the prices in India. State the limitations of these controls.

Q. Define Industrial policy. Explain its significance.

Unit 2

Q. Define MRTP Act. Why it is so important for a country like India?

Q. Discuss the objectives and scope of MRTP Act. What are the remedies available under the Act?

Q. Critically evaluate the monopolistic and restrictive trade practices. Also distinguish between monopolistic trade practices and restrictive trade practices.

Q. Explain the powers of MRTP commission. Also list out the remedies under the MRTP Act.

Q. Evaluate the role of MNC’ in India with examples.

Block 3

Unit 1

Q. What is monetary policy? Explain its features and objectives.

Q. Explain various instruments of monetary policy.

Q. Explain the importance of monetary policy. What are the obstacles in implementation of monetary policy?

Q. Establish the relationship between credit policy and monetary growth. How would you differentiate the two?

Q. Write a note on Indian monetary policy – issues and prospects.

Unit 2

Q. Define fiscal policy. What are its different types?

Q. Discuss how effectively the resources can be mobilized through taxation.

Q. Analysed the consequences of public borrowings.

Q. Evaluate the performance of public enterprise in India regarding their savings.

Q. Write a detailed note on the household saving pattern in India.        


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Block 4

Unit 1

Q. Define Consumer protection. What are its objectives?

Q. Explain the rights and responsibilities of consumer under Consumer Protection Act.

Q. What are various redressal machinery under consumer protection Act? Explain with related provisions.

Q. What is Complaint and Complainant? Explain the procedure of filling complaint.

Unit 2

Q. Discuss the evolution of Indian Capital Market.

Q. Define Capital Market. Explain the different submarkets of Indian Capital Market.    

Q. Analyse the importance of Indian Stock exchange in capital market growth.

Q. Explain the role and problems of Institutional investors in Indian Capital Market.

Unit 3

Q. What is foreign trade? Why it is so necessary for a country?

Q. Discuss the trends of India’s foreign trade during the recent years.

Q. Explain the problems of Indian foreign trade. What are the measures to solve these problems?

Q. Explain the necessity of foreign exchange in a country. Critically argue on the relevance of FEMA.

Block 5

Unit 1

Q. Analyse the structural reforms in Indian economy and its impact on the business environment of the country.

Q. Analyze the importance of household income in the economy.

Q. What do you mean by Household Income? Explain the impacts of household income for the food security and poverty elimination in India.

Q. Analyze the problems of poverty and food security.

Unit 2

Q. What is globalization? Discuss the problems of globalization. Suggest some measures to overcome such problems.

Q. Discuss the features of globalisation. Analyse the impacts of globalisation on the Indian economy.

Q. Explain the role of globalization in Indian economy.

Q. Write a brief note on effectiveness of e-commerce in India.

Q. Explain the objectives of digital cash transaction and its impacts on Indian economy.

Q. Explain the problems of implementing digicash in countries like India.

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