Dibrugarh University - Human Resource Management (Nov' 2012)

2012 (November)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course: 301
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 Hours

1. Write true or false:
a)      Human resource of management is a proactive function.
b)      Human resource Planning is not concerned with future requirement of human resources in an organization.
c)       Job evaluation as a comparative process of establishing the value of different jobs in a hierarchical order.
d)      There are some difference between recruitment and selection.
e)      Career planning of an organization cannot attract competent person and retain them.
f)       Compensation package is concerned with the value of the goods or commodities destroyed by the employees of an organization.

g)      Induction is the orientation training to the newly appointed people about the organization.
h)      The popular methods of organization development are Kurt Levin’s method, Greiner’s method and Leavitt’s model.

2. (a) Answer the following question:
a.       Mention four objective of Human Resource Management.
b.      Write down four problems of Human Resource Planning.
c.       Mention four external sources of recruitment.
d.      Mention four methods of identifying training needs.

(b) Write short notes on:
a.       Promotional Training
b.      Financial Incentive

3. (a) What do you mean by Human Resource Management?
(b) Distinguish between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management. Discuss the importance of Human Resource Management in a Modern enterprise.

4. (a) Discuss the nature and significance of Human Resource Planning.
(b) Explain in detail the process of job analysis in a large business organization.

5. (a) Describe the internal and external sources of recruitment.
(b) Discuss the importance of scientific selection in the management of a company.

6. (a) Write a detailed note on career development and management.
(b) Briefly discuss the steps involved in conducting a training programme in a systematic way.

7. (a) What do you understand by compensation management? Explain its objectives.

(b) Explain the importance of employee’s health and safety measures.

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