Human Resource Management Question Paper ' 2020 | B.Com 3rd Sem (Hons) | CBCS Pattern

Dibrugarh University Question Papers
B.Com 3rd Sem Hons (CBCS Pattern)


2 0 2 0 (Held in April–May, 2021)


Paper: C–305 (Human Resource Management)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 32

Time: 3 hours

dibrugarh university 3rd sem question paper cbcs

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following as directed:

a)    State two points of distinction between HRM and HRD.              2

b)   Demotion is a source of recruitment. (Write True or False)        1

c)    _____ is the process of stimulating capable applicants for employment. (Fill in the blank)  1

d)   Write the full form of (i) VRS and (ii) HRIS.         2

e)   State two points of distinction between recruitment and selection.  2

2. Give short accounts on the following (any four):           4×4=16

a)         Uses of ‘Job Analysis’.

b)         Job Specification.

c)          Employee Empowerment.

d)         Social Security.

e)         Identification of Training Needs.

3. (a) What do you mean by Human Resource? Discuss the basic functions of Human Resource Management.      3+8=11


(b) Discuss in brief the evolution of Human Resource Management in our country.       11

4. (a) Define Human Resource Planning (HRP). Explain the significance of HRP to ensure effective utilization of manpower in a large organization.  3+8=11


(b) What is ‘Selection’? Explain in brief the steps involved in selection procedure.          3+8=11

5. (a) What do you mean by ‘Training’? Briefly outline the steps involved in designing a training programme in a systematic way. 3+8=11


(b) What is ‘career development’? Explain the process of career development programme in a large organization with a diverse workforce. 3+8=11

6. (a) Define ‘Performance Appraisal’ and discuss the various techniques of appraising performance.      3+8=11


(b) Briefly discuss the various methods of wage payment and incentive plans.    11

7. (a) Discuss the various measures to protect employee’s health in industries.     12


(b) Define the ‘Industrial Dispute’. Explain the important causes of industrial disputes.   3+9=12


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